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Parabola Del Buon Samaritano Per Bambini Da Colorare




pdf Category:Ships built in Anacardo Category:Ferries of San Marino Category:2007 ships Category:Active merchant ships of San Marino Category:Ferries of Italy Category:Ships of Italy Category:Vessels built in ItalyQ: ImageField to ImageField Redirect from S3 I'm currently using S3 to store images and store/update urls to images. Currently I'm uploading to s3 using StreamedFileField and saving an image field to disk. The problem I have is that I want to be able to download images from the disk from within my own site. I know you can't download an image from the disk, but is it possible to use the same method of storing images on disk and saving a uri to the disk to a foreign image field of an ImageField in my database? The database is using Django 1.3.1 and I'm using S3 to store images. Thanks! A: I'm using S3 to store images and store/update urls to images. You're doing it wrong. S3 is fine for storing static images, but it's not for storing image urls. Store a file in S3, not a URL. Instead, what you should be doing is storing the original file on your web server in a directory that can be directly served to the user (e.g., /images/). From the user's point of view, that file may be a jpg or png, or a gif or some other image. But whatever the original image is, you should never have a URL to that image. That's the whole point of storing a file on S3, and putting an image field in your database is just asking for trouble. Indonesia's Sun-Eclipsing Planet Could Help Us Discover Our Universe - johnw ====== johnw I know this is Slashdot, but I thought it interesting. ~~~ gus_massa It's not just Slashdot, it's HN, too. It's interesting, because they use satellite technology to observe the planet, and they are able to reduce the noise as much as a factor of 100. That makes a difference



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Parabola Del Buon Samaritano Per Bambini Da Colorare

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